A little bit about Delirium

Nature’s incredible power and stunning beauty have been the inspiration behind my brand – Delirium.

Each piece of jewellery I make is as unique as the element it’s born from. The resin used is specifically developed to provide a crystal clear and ultra strong finish; it is UV resistant, so your jewellery will not fade or aquire a yellow tint. The most remarkable advantage of the resin is that it has a glass effect, yet it is shatterproof and lightweight. The jewelleries do not require any special maintenance, they become shinier simply by wearing them.

In order to reduce my environmental footprint the Delirium pieces are packed in an eco friendly, reusable organza bag that is light, elegant and see-through.

I try to keep my prices reasonable so that I may be accessible to a wide variety of clientele. I don’t have a target market, my purpose is to reach everyone who loves nature and unique creations.

I hope the piece chosen by you will become your favorite accessory, and that you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Contact me at deliriumj@gmail.com

Carry a piece of Nature with you at all times

A little bit about Me

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Katalin (Kata) Nagy and I’m the owner of the above mentioned brand.

Ever since I was little I had the burning desire to create; whether it was sewing clothes or putting together wooden pieces to create furniture for my dolls, I felt I needed to use my resourcefulness to accomplish my vision. Later on I experimented with clay figurines and played around a bit with the decoupage technique to create unique pictures.

I have begun jewellery making in 2011. At the beginning it was no more than a hobby and a great opportunity to create personalised gifts for family and friends. As time went by, the feeling that I wanted to create something unique and different slowly established itself in the corner of my mind. After several months of experimenting, I finally managed to tame the resin and find my own style, the Delirium jewellery. My lifelong dream is to be able to create on a full time basis.

Delirium was inspired by the astonishing power and beauty of nature. Each piece of jewellery and accessory is lovingly hand-made out of the purest elements of nature (such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, seeds and so on) mixed with resin to create a piece just as unique as the one they represent.

My goal is to shed light on the smallest wonders surrounding us day by day and to preserve it for everyone to see. Furthermore, I would like to increase awareness towards the need for environmental protection.

I truly believe that by wearing these dazzling natural elements frozen in time we can shift our focus on the now and distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the mundane world. And, why not, bring a smile of appreciation on the face of a jewellery connoisseur.

With love,

Behind the curtain 🙂

I take great pleasure in working with flowers and other natural elements to create long-lasting works of beauty. My process is as follows:
It all starts with a trip into nature, or with some sunshine and love in my own garden. Fresh air and sunshine are a must for me to be able to find or harvest these small wonders.
Some of the elements I will collect from meadows and woods, others I will grow in my own tiny garden. When the flowers have bloomed and their colours are vibrant I will carefully collect and press them. Only after a few weeks can the actual work begin on the jewellery.
The planning process is quite long and challenging, as each flower and each element must come together in the perfect shape and combination. I will delicately place the dried blossoms and any other elements into the mould, then pour the resin in. The next 24 hours will be critical and I will be extremely eager to see the outcome . When the resin is cured I will remove the piece and the sanding and the polishing process will begin. The whole procedure can take up to 1 hour per piece, all depending on the shape, size and complexity of the item.
Each jewel I make is just as unique as the natural elements preserved within. The resin I use is specifically developed to provide a crystal clear and ultra strong finish. It is also UV resistant, preventing your jewellery from yellowy discoloration.
I hope that the piece you choose to add to your collection will become your favourite accessory.
Enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Inspired by Nature, crafted by hand

Inspired by Nature, crafted by hand
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Nature – Love it. Protect it

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s words may sound quite common, but once we stop to think about them, we realize they carry a deeper meaning.

I truly love nature and through the Delirium brand I would like to shed light on the smallest wonders surrounding us day by day and to preserve them for everyone to revel in. Nature hands us the most invaluable gifts: clean air, clean water, beautiful landscapes, breath-taking views, and the list goes on… We take so much from nature, but give very little in return.

The least we can do is to show our appreciation by protecting and preserving our environment.

I would like to reduce my environmental footprint by replacing my jewellery packaging with a reusable one.

You will receive your Delirium jewellery in an eco friendly, reusable organza bag that is light, elegant and see-through. Some of the multiple ways to repurpose this small bag include using it as: cosmetic case, dried herb and flower sachet bag, craft bag, jewellery bag, coffee bean bag, candy bag, goody bag, dice and card bag and so on.

If you wish you can add an extra touch to your order , request for a small fee, a lovely handmade gift box and card.

If you like the idea, please join me in helping and protecting the environment…

Every Little Step Matters!

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